Upcoming Events

It is that time of year where we will be hosting Maddie’s Miracles 2nd  Annual Walk-a-Thon. This year the Walk-a-Thon will be virtual and ran through our campaign page. On this site and through social media, you will be able to interact in a month long event and help our organization raise funds for the next miracle we can provide.

Here is the schedule for our month-long Walk-a-Thon. This will tell you what is happening each week, and the prizes you have a chance to win if you participate!

Walk-a-Thon Schedule

Team Fundraising

This is our option for you to collect pledges and start walking. There will be a grand prize given to the team who raises the most! (Prize will be announced in the coming weeks). To register as a team and collect pledges, go to our Walk-a-Thon campaign page and select the “Fundraise” option. 

There is a blank pledge form located below to download/screenshot for your convenience to keep track of your pledges.

Your pledges can credit your team on our Walk-a-Thon campaign page which will allow us to track how much your team has raised. Click below for full instructions on how to credit your team member.

How to Credit a Team


Pledge Form

Contests & Scavenger Hunt: 

To participate in these contests, you MUST be registered for the Walk-a-Thon.

There will be 2 hashtag contests as well as a Scavenger hunt over the course of these three weeks. Located below is a list that can be downloaded or screenshot to participate in the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt

The winner of these contests will be announced every Saturday evening at 4 PM and will receive a special prize.

Silent Auction: 

Due to having such an awesome turnout for our silent auction from last year, we had to do it again for this year! This year’s auction will be virtual!

To register for the silent auction click the button above to go to our auction page, create an account, and take a look at the awesome items we have to bid on!  

All items will be uploaded the week before the start of the Walk-a-Thon.